Ward Introduces Contractor, Sub-Contract E-Verify Requirement Legislation

(Greensburg, Pa.) State Sen. Kim Ward will introduce legislation requiring construction contractors, and their sub-contractors, to use the federal E-Verify system to confirm worker eligibility.

The two bills would require that public contracts, as well as private contractors and their sub-contractors, use the system to certify worker eligibility in the commonwealth and provide proof to the Department of Revenue that the checks have been done.

Senate Bill 1149 amends the state’s Procurement Code to require that contractors performing public works projects use the federal E-Verify system to confirm that their employees, and their sub-contractor’s employees, are legal workers. This would be mandated for all projects throughout the state utilizing taxpayer funds.

Senate Bill 1150 creates the Construction Industry Employment Verification Act and requires contractors and their sub-contractors to confirm and report worker eligibility from the federal E-Verify system to the Department of Revenue annually.

No work could be started without the proof of the verification, the bill states.

“This is going to make construction in the state fairer and safer,” Ward said, adding, “Also, undocumented workers have been the victims of abuse by employers for years. This legislation ensures accountability in the construction industry,” she said.

Ward said that similar bills have been introduced in the House. She said she hoped the dual efforts would lead to a needed reform.

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