Testimony Taken on Sen. Ward’s State Trooper Services Contractual Program

Hearing Agenda, Testimony and Video

Greensburg – Members of the Senate Law and Justice Committee met in Hempfield Township Thursday morning to take testimony on Senate Bill 984, a bill designed to provide additional State Police coverage for municipalities.

Senate Bill 984, sponsored by Sen. Kim Ward (R-39), would create the State Trooper Services Contractual Program allowing municipalities without police departments to contract with the state police for an additional number of troopers beyond the current approved supplement.

“Under current law, municipalities and the State Police do not have the ability to enter into a contract for services.  This bill would change that and provide an optional tool for municipalities should they take the opportunity to enhance the police presence in their community,” Ward said.

“Senate Bill 984 has the potential to enhance the State Police’s ability to provide more regional assistance and help all of our communities because it increases the number of available troopers at all times,” Ward said, adding “Senate Bill 984 will provide one more option as the policing issue continues to be a topic of concern in Harrisburg.”

The Senate Law and Justice Committee, chaired by Sen. John Pippy (R-37), took testimony from Sen. Ward as well as representatives of the Pennsylvania State Police, the Pennsylvania State Police Troopers Association, the Pennsylvania Township Supervisors Association, as well as local municipal officials.

Senate Bill 984:

    • Requires the contract cost as labor and benefit costs of troopers assigned.
    • Troopers assigned will be above the approved complement.
    • Troopers assigned will remain under State Police command structure, but will not be removed from the contracted area unless extreme emergency requires the redeployment.

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