Ward Higher Education Proposal Endorsed in Governor’s Budget Address

Harrisburg, PA – PA Governor Tom Corbett today announced that he is proposing $25 Million in grants for middle-income students seeking aid at secondary education schools next year.  This proposal is a reflection of the effort by PA Senator Kim Ward to expand financial aid eligibility for families that fall outside the poverty range.  Senate Bill 420 was introduced by Senator Ward to specifically address this issue and create the program. 

“I am excited to see that Governor Corbett is recognizing that many middle-income families are struggling to finance their children’s secondary education.  We have worked hard to open up these opportunities to more kids.  Today is a great day for these families,” stated Ward.

Governor Corbett, in his budget address, called the new program ‘Ready to Succeed’ grants and proposed that the merit based awards to eligible middle-income families be administered by the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (P.H.E.A.A.) 

“Now that this program has a chance of becoming a reality for so many families, we will continue working with Governor Corbett and his staff to amend the particulars of my bill to match their ideas with ours,” finished Ward.


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