House Bill 944

Community, Economic and Recreational Development Committee
Tuesday, February 9, 2016
Senate Rules Room -Main Capitol



House Bill 944, Printer’s No. 1223 (Taylor) – Summary, amends the act of December 21,1998 (P.L.1307, No.174), known as the Community and Economic Improvement Act (CEIA) that provides for the establishment of Neighborhood Improvement Districts (NID) relating to cities of the first class (Philadelphia) by further providing for definitions, for powers of municipal corporations, for creation of neighborhood improvement districts (NID), for creation of NID management associations, for powers of NID management associations, for annual audit and report and for applicability. More specifically it clarifies to whom notice of hearings must be given, who has standing to object to the creation of NID and modifies the percentage required to veto the establishment of NID, the distribution of the annual audit and report, etc.

  • A05275 (Farnese) – This amendment defines the term “curb market stand” and includes the same in the definition of the term “property owner” and provides a formula for purpose of Neighborhood Improvement District (NID) assessments.
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