To Consider SB 537, SB 538, HB 1469 and SB 936

Senate Labor and Industry Committee

Monday, October 23, 2017

Off the Floor in the Rules Room


Senate Bill 537, Printer’s No. 651 (Wagner) – Amends the Public School Code of 1949 to provide for athletic leaves of absence for professional employees who qualify as a member (leader, coach, official, referee or athlete) of a United States world championship, Pan American or Olympic team. – Summary

Senate Bill 538, Printer’s No. 652 (Wagner) – Amends Title 24 (Education) and Title 71 (State Government) to provide for and define “athletic leave of absence” for purposes of guaranteeing that time missed due to an athletic leave of absence is calculated for pension purposes for public school employees. – Summary

House Bill 1469, Printer’s No. 2186 (Heffley) – Amends the Pennsylvania Construction Code Act to allow building permit applicants to use an alternative third-party agency in municipalities which have one third-party agency enforcing the Uniform Construction Code and establishes a process for the Department of Labor & Industry to investigate and remedy complaints about code officials. – Summary

Senate Bill 936, Printer’s No. 1281 (White) – Amends the Workers’ Compensation Act to require the Department of Labor and Industry to adopt an evidence-based prescription drug formulary and require that Utilization Review Organizations and Peer Review Organizations are accredited by a nationally recognized organization selected by the Department. – Summary

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