Ward Bill Auditing Statewide Voter Registry Moves Forward Toward Senate Vote

Harrisburg, PA – The Pennsylvania Senate State Government Committee on Wednesday December 13, 2017 approved Senate Bill 762 sponsored by Senator Kim Ward (R-39th) that directs the State Auditor General to perform a comprehensive audit of the State Uniform Registry of Electors (S.U.R.E.) system.  Two main points of the bill are to direct the Auditor General to determine the accuracy of voter records and assess the security protocols in place and make recommendations to ensure future security of the database.

“With all the discussions about hackers, ineligible voters being registered, etc…, this bill is important to the integrity and confidence in our system.  For the first time ever, the S.U.R.E. system will be audited from top to bottom,” stated Ward.

In the Bill, the Auditor General would have until December 31, 2018 to submit a complete report to the Governor and the Legislature.  Senate Bill 762 will now move to the entire Senate for a vote.

“With the aggressive timetable we are establishing for the Auditor General, I hope that the Senate will move quickly on passage of Senate Bill 762 when we reconvene in January, and the House of Representatives will follow suit after that,” finished Ward.

Contact: Rob Ritson – Chief of Staff; 724-600-7002- rritson@pasen.gov



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