Meeting to consider SB 1211 and SB 1236

Senate Transportation Committee

Monday, October 5, 2020 | Off the Floor

Senate Chamber (and Virtual Participation)

Consideration of SB 1211 and SB 1236

S.B. 1211 (Bartolotta): Waives the photo identification fees for vulnerable Pennsylvanians

S.B. 1236 (Pittman): Designates the PVT William L. Hadden Memorial Bridge in Indiana County.

  • Amendment A7547 (K. Ward): Includes the following designations: Senator Roy M. Wilt Bridge, Fichthorn and Marburger Memorial Bridge, John K. Weaver Memorial Bridge, Senator Hal Mowery Memorial Bridge, Sergeant James C. Petrik Memorial Road, Private Frederick Kinley Memorial Bridge, Mansfield Veterans Memorial Bridge, Corporal Anthony G. Orlandi Memorial Bridge, Mrs. Madeline Finney Memorial Bridge, Technician Fourth Grade William Balogh Memorial Bridge and Reverend Andrew William Tilly, Jr., Bridge.
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