Senate Majority Leader Kim Ward Partners with PA Breast Cancer Coalition to Encourage Early Screening

Animations series focuses on high-risk factors for breast cancer, endorses early screening 

GREENSBURGSenate Majority Leader Kim Ward (R-39) and Pat Halpin Murphy, President of the PA Breast Cancer Coalition (PBCC) partnered to launch the second in a five-part animation series aimed to educate Pennsylvania residents on the importance of early detection for breast cancer.

“Thousands of Pennsylvania women, including myself, are considered at high-risk for breast cancer, so I am passionate about reminding all women to make informed decisions regarding screenings and early detection,” said PA Senate Majority Leader Kim Ward. “Our goal with the second animation is to educate women on the factors that elevate risk for breast cancer while encouraging them to be their own advocates. It is my honor to partner with the PA Breast Cancer Coalition on this ongoing effort to share the importance of annual mammograms for women across the state. Early detection saves lives!”

The second installment focuses on the most common high-risk conditions for breast cancer and urges women to speak with their doctors about the best screening options, based on their level of risk. Each video in the animation series will be released on the eighth of the month leading up to National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. 

“Many women don’t know what it means to be high-risk for breast cancer. This second video in our series shows what those risk factors are – including a personal history, family history, dense breast tissue, or a genetic predisposition – and expands our efforts in promoting the importance of early detection,” said PBCC President and Founder Pat Halpin-Murphy. “I am so very proud to say that our partnership with Senate Majority Leader Kim Ward continues to inform, educate, empower, and inspire women to be proactive about their breast health. Please, don’t miss your mammogram!”

The animation series will focus on the following topics:

  • Don’t Miss your Mammogram! – launched June 8
  • Am I high-risk?- launched July 8
  • Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program / Free Mammograms in PA
  • Screening vs. Diagnostic Mammograms
  • Breast Cancer in PA

To learn more, access the animation series and view sample social media posts, visit or visit the PBCC and Leader Kim Ward social media pages:

Facebook: PABreastCancer, StateSenatorKimWard

Twitter: PBCC, SenatorKimWard

Instagram: PABreastCancer, senatorkimlward

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