Legislative Accomplishments


SB 8 (Act 1 of 2023) Enhanced Insurance Coverage for Life-Saving BRCA Testing and Breast Cancer Screenings

Requires insurance coverage for all costs associated with one supplemental breast screening every year for women with increased risk of breast cancer, as well as all costs associated with BRCA-related genetic counseling and genetic testing for individuals at increased cancer risk.


SB 118 (Act 144 of 2022) Adding Sex Traffickers to Megan’s Law Registry

Amended Megan’s Law (specifically, Title 42, Section 9799.14) to add the following offenses to the list of offenses requiring registration:

  • Title 18, Section 3011(a)(1) and (2) (relating to trafficking in individuals). These offenses are made Tier 1 offenses (requiring a 15-year registration),
  • Title 18, Section 3012 (relating to involuntary servitude) as it relates to sexual servitude. This offense is made a Tier 2 offense (requiring a 25-year registration), and
  • Title 18, Section 3013 (relating to patronizing a victim of sexual servitude). This offense is made a Tier 1 offense.

SR 2 (Pamphlet Laws Resolution No. 1 of 2021) Constitutional Amendments

Proposed three separate and distinct amendments to the Pennsylvania Constitution to prohibit the denial of equal rights on the basis of race or ethnicity; to exclude concurrent resolutions regarding termination or extension of disaster emergency declarations from required presentment to the Governor; and to require legislative approval of emergency disaster proclamations. As is required by the constitution, this was the second consecutive legislative session that this measure was introduced and passed by both chambers, it was then approved by the electorate on May 18, 2021.

Legislative Accomplishments Continued

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