Senate Republican Leaders Issue Statement on Gov. Wolf’s Lawsuit, SB 106

HARRISBURG – Senate Pro Tempore Jake Corman (R-34) and Senate Majority Leader Kim Ward (S-39) today offered the following statement regarding Gov. Wolf’s decision to file a lawsuit against SB 106.

“Pennsylvanians felt the oppressive hand of Gov. Wolf throughout the COVID-19 pandemic with business, restaurant, and school shutdowns. The lawsuit filed today is another reminder of Gov. Wolf’s oppressive hand. Filing a lawsuit to mute the voice of millions of Pennsylvanians by taking away their power granted to them by the constitution to have a say in voter ID, regulatory reform, election audits, and taxpayers paying for elective abortions as a constitutional right, tells us Gov. Wolf doesn’t think the people of Pennsylvania are smart enough to make their own decisions. While the General Assembly asks the citizens to vote on important issues, Gov. Wolf runs to the courts in an effort to keep the citizens’ voices quiet. Given the people have already overridden Gov. Wolf once and the Wolf Administration’s high-profile failures on Constitutional amendments in recent years, it comes as no surprise Gov. Wolf would use the courts to bypass the people to advance his agenda. We have confidence in the people of Pennsylvania to see through this charade.”


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