Megan’s Law Expansion Legislation Moves One Step Closer to Becoming Law

The expansion of Megan’s Law is the first legislation of its kind to be introduced in the country.

HARRISBURG – The Megan’s Law Expansion Legislation (SB 118) moved one step closer to becoming law today, passing in the House of Representatives in a 184-16 vote. SB 118, sponsored by Senate Majority Leader Kim Ward, requires offenders convicted of any sex trafficking-related offense to register.

“I applaud the Pennsylvania House of Representatives for passing this legislation. We must serve as advocates for these victims by immediately registering offenders when trafficking incidents are reported,” said Senate Majority Leader Kim Ward. “SB 118 helps victims by amending Megan’s Law to include the sex trafficking of minors to the sex offender registry, offering one more resource to reduce such heinous acts.”

Sex trafficking is a major issue in Pennsylvania, as our state ranks ninth in the nation for the most reported cases of human trafficking. Most traffickers are repeat offenders and use psychological ploys of tricking, defrauding, manipulating or threatening victims, especially minors.

The bill now moves to the governor for signature.


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