Legislators Appointed to Commission to Improve PA’s Education System, Workforce

Appointees tasked with redesigning PA education to better meet the state’s economic needs

HARRISBURG – As a result of legislation sponsored by Sen. Ryan Aument (R-36) to redesign the state’s education system, Senate President Pro Tempore Kim Ward (R-39) appointed Sens. Aument, Rosemary Brown (R-40), David Argall (R-29) and Devlin Robinson (R-37) to serve on the Pennsylvania Commission on Education & Economic Competitiveness.

Because the current education system doesn’t adequately meet the needs of Pennsylvania’s workforce, the commission will be tasked with creating a long-term plan to align our education system with job demands. The diverse members of the commission will:

  • Create a shared, bipartisan vision for 21st century education that will prepare all students to compete in a global economy,
  • Establish policies to give all school districts the support and flexibility they need to build world-class education systems, and
  • Recommend a legislative action plan to achieve these shared goals.

“Preparing our students today for the jobs of tomorrow is critical to strengthening Pennsylvania’s economy and making our Commonwealth even more competitive from a workforce perspective,” said Sen. Kim Ward. “Sens. Aument, Argall, Brown, and Robinson will provide a comprehensive and laser-focused approach to the work of this commission that will help deliver an innovative education system to address our 21st century workforce needs.”

“If Pennsylvania is to compete and win in a global economy, we must redesign our education system to align the skills we teach in the classroom with the needs of our workforce,” Aument said. “I am eager to work together on a shared vision for our education system that better prepares Pennsylvania students for the jobs of the future.”

“I am honored to be appointed to serve on this impactful commission,” Brown said. “Envisioning the future of Pennsylvania through the lenses of quality education will shape our state to be a major economic competitor. I look forward to working with my colleagues to study the current challenges and create a concrete plan to prepare our next generation for success.”

“There are no simple solutions to fixing Pennsylvania’s education system, but I believe we can make real progress by working together in a bipartisan fashion,” said Argall. “I look forward to working with the commission to better prepare our children for the 21st century economy.”

“As Chair of the Labor and Industry Committee, I regularly hear from employers struggling to find qualified workers to fill open positions,” said Robinson. “I look forward to working with the commission to rethink how we educate and train the workforce of tomorrow.”

All senators will serve the commission as it completes its work within the 18-month deadline.


CONTACT:    Erica Clayton Wright (Sen. Ward)
Stephanie Applegate (Sen. Aument)
Mackenzie Mueller (Sen. Brown)
Jim Brugger (Sen. Argall)
Allison Dutrey (Sen. Robinson)

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