Senate President Pro Tempore Kim Ward on Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Gov. Shapiro’s Office

HARRISBURG – Today, Senate President Pro Tempore Kim Ward (R-Westmoreland) issued the following statement regarding sexual harassment allegations against Gov. Shapiro’s Office:

“One of our greatest responsibilities as elected officials is to ensure the people of Pennsylvania are safe and secure, that includes the talented people who work for us. The onus is on us as leaders to create a safe workplace culture.  

“The details of the sexual harassment complaint filed with the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission against Gov. Shapiro’s Office are appalling. Despite this being a personnel matter, the Governor’s office has offered official comments and conflicting information on the issue. This not only raises concerns related to their workplace practices, but also whether this matter has influenced our current unfinished budget situation, and how taxpayer funds are supporting this issue.

“The alleged offender remained in his influential role until he tendered his resignation leaving the victim in an unsafe space, to fend for herself, with limited options. This is unacceptable.”


Erica Clayton Wright

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