Senator Kim Ward and Rep. Leslie Rossi Announce a $300,000 Grant for the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy

Funds from Act 13 Natural Gas Drilling Fee Support Watershed Restoration Protection Program.

WESTMORELAND – Senator Kim Ward (R-39) and Rep. Leslie Rossi (R-59) today announced a $300,000 grant awarded to the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy through the Commonwealth Financing Authority’s (CFA) Watershed Restoration Protection program to rectify a sinkhole along Route 30 in Unity Twp., Westmoreland County.

“As our Westmorland County communities continue to grow, it is important that we put the appropriate safety measures in place to complement the progress we are making in southwestern Pennsylvania,” said Sen. Kim Ward. “This grant will help modernize our drainage system to ensure no further damage to the residents and community in Unity Twp.”

The funds will be used to construct a culvert along Route 30, in Unity Twp., Westmoreland County where a sinkhole has occurred. This sinkhole formed due to a collapsed underground culvert, which contained an unidentified stream, connect to the Loyalhanna creek. To close the sinkhole, the project will consist of installing a connecting culvert to a nearby culvert with an access shaft and insert fill in the sink.

“It is imperative that we use stabilizing measures to prevent further collapse, said Rossi. “Ignoring the problem can cause serious injury. Sinkholes can also cause damage to roads, buildings and houses. “Drainage maintenance, expansion and innovation can create jobs and the investment will save money over time.”

Funding for this project was provided by the Watershed Restoration Protection funds which are generated through Act 13 the natural gas impact fee.

Contact: Erica Clayton Wright, (412) 334-4856.

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