Senate President Pro Tempore Kim Ward Statement: Shapiro’s Carbon Tax Proposal Stifles Pennsylvania’s Energy Potential

GREENSBURG – Senate President Pro Tempore Kim Ward (R-Westmoreland) issued the following statement regarding Gov. Josh Shapiro’s proposal to implement a carbon tax, which would stifle Pennsylvania’s energy potential:

“There is room in our Commonwealth for all types of energy. We should incorporate the different energy sectors but not on the backs of rate payers which is what Shapiro’s proposal does. 

“Our Commonwealth needs to be focused on unleashing our energy potential, not taxing it. Doing so would create thousands of good jobs and keep our power grid secure. Shapiro’s carbon tax proposal appears to be more aligned with states like California and Washington, who suffer from rolling blackouts and higher energy prices.

“Shapiro says if his proposal is passed, he will drop the lawsuit that is keeping RGGI alive and consumer electric bills high. We have already been on the other end of a deal with Shapiro during last year’s budget so the old saying fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, applies. I am asking Gov. Shapiro to immediately drop the lawsuit that keeps RGGI in place, and then we can begin to have a real and inclusive conversation about the future of Pennsylvania’s energy sector.”

Background Information:

  • Gov. Shapiro asked for the General Assembly to act without having engaged the legislature in the development of his new cap-and-trade proposal.
  • The RGGI Working Group established by Gov. Shapiro didn’t endorse a Pennsylvania carbon-tax-and-trade program.
  • In fact, the RGGI Working Group final report stated “there was no consensus on the preferred specific form of cap-and-invest (i.e RGGI vs. PJM-wide).
  • Gov. Shapiro has said Pennsylvania is the number one exporter of energy in the country. If our policies are outdated, how are we outpacing? Do our current policies work?


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