Senate President Pro Tempore Kim Ward Calls on Gov. Shapiro to Support Efforts to Secure Our Nation’s Border

HARRISBURG – Senate President Pro Tempore Kim Ward (R-Westmoreland) issued the following statement calling on Gov. Josh Shapiro to support efforts to secure our nation’s border with Operation Lone Star:

“Every day, our nation’s border remains open, our country is being undermined by our global adversaries and our national security is put at risk. The safety of our families, homes, bank accounts and way of living is weakened by the financial uncertainty and national security risk caused by the havoc of having the open border.

“The more than 7.3 million illegal migrants that have crossed the southwest border under President Joe Biden’s watch has brought stress to communities throughout Pennsylvania with fentanyl overdoses and synthetic opioids. More importantly, we are seeing our taxpayer dollars redirected away from hard working taxpayers who need and use government programs to illegal lawbreakers entering our country, adding to the continuing federal debt and inevitably affecting our state budget.

“To protect our nation and state from further deterioration, Gov. Shapiro must support Texas to secure our nation’s border by deploying the Pennsylvania National Guard to Texas in support of Operation Lone Star.”

Erica Clayton Wright

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